SIDNEY — The Sidney Addiction Assistance Team (SAAT) and Wilson Health’s New Vision service have teamed up to help people who are battling addition.

New Vision is a new program that works with individuals wanting assistance with drug or alcohol problems.

Community Resource Officer Bryce Stewart and SAAT Coordinator Mike McRill met with New Vision Service Coordinator Megan Campbell Thursday morning, Jan. 2, to discuss the partnership, according to a press release from the Sidney Police Department.

New Vision, at Wilson, offers inpatient medical stabilization and withdrawal management services for adults with drug, alcohol or related health issues. The service consists of a medically supervised hospital stay of inpatient treatment that typically lasts three days. The service is intended to medically treat individuals who are experiencing withdrawal issues from drugs and alcohol so they can begin their path to recovery.

After the inpatient stabilization phase, each patient is referred to an appropriate outpatient service or rehabilitation program for further treatment, as deemed necessary.

“This is a first and vital step in the right direction for those battling their additions,” Stewart said in the release. “This is a great community partnership between New Vision and SAAT in helping those in need of drug addiction services.”

The path to recovery can begin by calling 937-538-4068 or 800-939-CARE, or by visiting

This article written by Sheryl Raodcap and published by Sidney Daily News, January 3, 2020.